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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War fans call for major change to E-Tool challenge

Cold War players have called for the “boring” and frustrating requirements to unlock Season 2’s E-Tool melee weapon to be changed.



Black Ops Cold War E-Tool

Black Ops Cold War players are frustrated with the requirements to unlock Season 2’s E-Tool melee weapon and are calling for major changes to the challenge.

To unlock Black Ops Cold War Season 2’s E-Tool melee weapon, you need to go on a three killstreak with a melee weapon in 15 different matches. In our guide on how to unlock the E-Tool, we recommend players use smoke grenades and the knife on the Nuketown ’84 playlist. You’ll receive a lot of deaths for trying to complete it, but this is the best way.

However, Cold War players are extremely frustrated with this challenge and have called for it to be changed.

Reddit user ‘SorraDude‘ gave some strongly worded feedback on the challenge, with many players echoing their feelings in the comments. “Do the devs understand how freakishly boring this will be to do?” asked SorraDude.

Players have taken particular umbrage with the number of matches you have to complete to unlock the E-Tool. Not only do you have to try and get three kills in one life with a melee weapon, which is a tough task with Cold War’s fast time-to-kill, but you have to do it in 15 different matches.

Josh Torres, Treyarch’s Community Manager, confirmed that you must play out the entirety of these 15 matches for it to track. Leaving the match early can result in the progress not tracking, making the experience all the more frustrating.

Users in the comments of this Reddit post cited poor hit registration with Cold War’s melee as a further reason to avoid this challenge. “I was following someone trying to knife him but then he runs faster than me for some reason,” explained one player.

With the E-Tool being a two hit kill, users in the comments said it’s not even worth the grind.

Treyarch previously adjusted the requirements to “kill enemies taking cover from you” challenges after player feedback, but it’s unlikely there will be any change to this challenge.

Image Credit: Treyarch