Top 5 tips to dominate Moscow in Black Ops Cold War

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Moscow follows the usual Call of Duty convention with its layout, but yet it has multiple shortcuts, routes, and boxed areas that make it hard to really know how to approach it. But we think we can help you out with these 5 best Moscow tips in Black Ops Cold War.

Moscow is another one of those maps that when you see it pop up in the voting selection, it can do a clean sweep. This doesn’t necessarily pertain to the quality of Moscow per se, maybe more the inadequacies of other maps, but it’s a contributing factor.

Certain maps just have set ways of approaching them and you have “your route” that you’ll fall back on 9 times out of 10. Moscow has several ways it can be played, and then sneaks in an extra lane to compound the indecision.

Further still, Treyarch has even embraced some of the criticism directed Moscow’s way by doing away with the dead space in the map. Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War has updated many things in the game, and even made Moscow tighter and changed the map.

So here are some of our top tips to play Treyarch’s Moscow map.

Best tips to dominate Moscow in Black Ops Cold War

1. Pick your poison – which way?

It doesn’t matter which end of Moscow you start as each area has multiple quick routes for you to choose and this makes for frantic and fresh beginnings to matches.

If you start on the Flag C side (in Domination), you can go left down the street to either sneak to the opposite side or for a long-range battle, you have the window that can branch off into a couple of routes, you’ve got the main route that leads to the key middle room, and you’ve got the right side with its multiple paths. The opposite spawn has similar properties too. Keep your approach fresh and make use of every avenue.

2. Hold down one of the boxed rooms

Each side of the map has a route that leads to a relatively boxed off room with one main window. From this window, you can see across the map to its opposite window and also to the long street and some of the map’s middle room.

The imperative is getting to either room first and solidifying your position ASAP. A proximity mine will guard the door, even if it doesn’t hurt someone, the triggering sound will be enough to alert you. If you have the room first, then anyone approaching the opposite window is usually going to be second-best, and it’s easy to pick off stragglers running across.

3. How to control the middle

Certain maps have one major zone that sees the majority of the action and Moscow has its own area that falls under this category. The large room containing an expensive-looking statue is quite distinctive and not just because of the big gold man sitting on a chair.

This room has multiple entry points and in objective-based modes, the action can become heated and crowded. The best spot is easily the slightly protected platform that you need to get up the stairs to get to. Capturing this is a priority, and even occupying one of the room’s corners will take enemies by surprise.

4. The secret path

Every map usually has a hidden nook or cranny that rarely gets exploited, and Moscow’s is extremely unvocal and is very accessible.

On the Flag A side, if you keep going down the left side you’ll see the normal left route that can take you through the other team’s spawn, or to the room with the entrance to the escalators. But on the very, very left is another area hidden behind a wall with a set of stairs. It’s a good little area to make the most of, especially if you know an enemy is close and you want to get the jump on them.

5. Avoid lingering on the escalators too long

Just to reiterate the point that the escalators are a supreme gamble, there is nowhere for you to escape if you encounter someone – which is highly likely.

This should only be used as a quick means to reach an objective in a hurry like a bomb or a Hardpoint. If you believe that the majority of the action is largely being concentrated in the room then fair enough, but chances are people will always be aware of a presence emerging from here. It’s also a great way to be flanked too.

That’s a whole host of free tips to maim Moscow and take a stronghold of the map. Get some kills, earn a win, and toast a vodka to it.

Image credits: Treyarch

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