Tips to get SMG longshots for Black Ops Cold War’s camo challenges

Getting longshots with SMGs can be tricky in Black Ops Cold War, so here is the best way to complete these camo challenges.

While working towards earning the Mastery Camos for the sub-machine guns in Black Ops Cold War, you need to earn a ‘Longshot Medal’ 50 times with each weapon in multiplayer.

Damage falls off rapidly for SMGs so getting longshots can be especially difficult. If you’re fighting an enemy at range and they are using almost any other weapon class, you won’t stand a chance.

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Follow these tips to make your camo grind much less stressful.

How to get SMG Longshots

To have the best chance, build your SMG for accuracy and damage at distance. But on a barrel that increases bullet velocity and effective damage range, a grip that improves recoil control, and a 2x sight. This will make seeing and hitting your target much easier at longer distances.

Hardcore mode throws weapon balance out the window. Player health has been lowered an insane amount, meaning whoever shoots first will most likely win. This gives SMGs the most chance against weapons with a higher effective damage range.

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With a scope on your SMG in Hardcore, hang back and use it as a long-range AR. It won’t be easy, but you’ll have a much easier time than trying to complete the challenge in core game modes. As some multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War are quite small, you need to find places with long lines of sight.

Nuketown ’84 has a perfect spot to complete this challenge. If you go behind the fallout shelter behind the green house, you can aim directly into the yellow house’s garage. While in this spot, killing enemies as they come from the garage will result in a longshot.

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Put a scope on your weapon in Hardcore Nuketown and you’ll complete your longshots in no time.