Where to find Theatre Mode’s new location in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

One of Black Ops Cold War’s most popular features has been the ability to enter a Theater Mode that lets the player review footage of a recent match and analyze it in different ways. The newest update seems to have moved it, but we can help you locate it.

After its conspicuous absence from 2019’s Modern Warfare, Theater Mode made a welcome return in Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War. The free-roaming feature allows players to go back through previous online encounters and watch the footage back to screenshot and record their favorite parts.

It makes for excellent social media content, but for some reason, BOCW’s newest update has decided to switch the home for it. People seem to think it’s been removed temporarily or even permanently. Theater Mode is still very much in Black Ops Cold War and we’ll tell you where it is.

theatre mode in cod bocw

Theater Mode in Black Ops Cold War moved

Treyarch have had a lot on their plate recently, mainly due to the integration of Warzone into BOCW. They have offered their consumers a wealth of new features and opportunities to explore with the launch of Season One.

It would’ve been easy for people to even forget that Theater Mode exists, but a large part of the community loves Theater Mode. So it was quite surprising to see it vanish from the Black Ops Cold War main menu.

But if you still want to get your fix of Theater Mode to create hilarious clips to go viral, then all you need to do is go to the Barracks and you’ll see its new home.

theater mode in cod bocw

Why Treyarch has moved it there remains to be seen, in the grand scheme of things the main menu is for actual gameplay modes. It’s also starting to look a bit more cluttered now as Gunfight, Prop Hunt, Raid The Mall, and Nuketown Holiday 24/7 are now being advertised as playlists.

Either way, you can stop panicking now and carry on screenshotting hilarious bugs and memes.

Image credits: Treyarch