Prestige Shop Live in Black Ops Cold War

Nicholas Sakadelis

The Prestige Shop is now available for players who have hit prestige 1 or higher in Black Ops Cold War.

The shop includes exclusive calling cards and Prestige Icons for players with Prestige Keys. Each time you prestige in the game, you get a key, and when Season Prestige master is hit (Level 200), you get an additional key every 50 levels thereafter, up until level 1000.

To find the prestige shop, you have to first be a prestiged player with a Prestige Key; then you’ll want to navigate to the Barracks tab in the Multiplayer menu and select Progression. The Prestige Shop should be listed.

In the Prestige Shop, you’ll be able to unlock iconic Prestige Icons from all the Black Ops Games and the classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. You will be able to change your Prestige Icon after you hit Season Prestige Master.

Additionally, you’ll unlock Prestige Calling Cards. Every time you progress through a core prestige, you’ll unlock all associated Calling Cards and Prestige Icons for that specific prestige.

For example, the max prestige is 7 for this season, so you’ll have up to prestige 7 to select as your icon. When you hit Season Prestige Master (Level 200), you’ll be able to equip the emblem.

The Calling Cards seem only currently to work in Black Ops Cold War. The prestige emblems should carry over to Warzone, though. At this time, the Prestige Shop is only accessible in Black Ops Cold War. If you attempt to access it in Warzone, it will prompt you to cash in your keys in Black Ops Cold War.

A quick word of warning, the Prestige Shop has no confirmation message for players. If you hit the select button on ANY Calling Card or Prestige Icon, you will automatically use a Prestige Key to purchase it.

Be on the lookout, and flex those rewards.

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