Outrageous Outbreak glitch turns game sideways in Cold War Zombies

Andrew Highton
cod bocw outbreak zombies

One Black Ops Cold War Outbreak player encountered an inconvenient glitch that drastically impaired their view in the newly-added CoD Zombies mode.

Call of Duty players have welcomed the variety that Outbreak offers with regards to reenacting zombie-slasher films. In the same way that Warzone has unleashed murderous zombies out into its vast maps, Black Ops Cold War has done the same, but in a completely Zombies-centric environment.

Outbreak retains the Pack-a-Punch machine, Perks, weapons, and the usual facets that come with a Zombies mode; though it also seems to come with the odd bug or two.

cod cold war outbreak gameplay

Reddit user Sticky-Lemons seemed to be enjoying a casual game of Outbreak, and they took their time smashing Aether Crystals, collecting essence, and having a good time. This was until their game decided to malfunction.

After fending off the advances of one unruly zombie, Sticky_Lemons jumped from a platform to parachute down to safety below. But the second they pulled the cord to unravel the chute, our player’s screen suddenly turned roughly 60 degrees, at least, and stayed that way.

The video was amusingly titled “when someone tickles your neck…” It was a completely apt title as it does indeed feel like your avatar is tilting their head.

The player tried their best to alleviate themselves from this distracting anomaly by moving, sprinting, shooting, and meleeing. It was all to no avail and seemed to stay this way.

If this did indeed remain like this for the duration of the Outbreak game, then we can only imagine how much more difficult this made the experience.

We need to hope this is another one-in-a-million bug that doesn’t continue to happen. If games of Outbreak are going to continue to do this, then players might be angling for a fix.

Image credits: Treyarch