NICKMERCS calls on Activision to fix “worst” Warzone Juggernaut exploit

Andrew Highton

Juggernauts have been a sore point for a few weeks now in Warzone. They are incredibly tough to take down, can practically guarantee wins, and now a new exploit has made them unbearable – much to the dismay of NICKMERCS.

Warzone continues to be one of gaming’s most attractive services as millions of people are still trying to outlast the opposition in heated Battle Royale action. Unfortunately, a few months ago the balance of the game changed when Juggernauts were added to the game, and recent exploits have caused streamers such as NICKMERCS and TimTheTatMan to vent their frustration.

These almost invincible titans have completely changed the dynamic of Warzone, as a player obtaining one of these went from just another player to be favorite to win. However, it might not just be one player benefitting from the suit’s powers as a new Juggernaut exploit could be creating many.

juggernaut in warzone

Juggernauts for all

It was only recently that players stumbled across a new method of making Juggernauts unstoppable during games of Warzone by providing unlimited revives for teammates. But this new exploit that NICKMERCS describes as “the worst glitch we’ve ever seen in Warzone by far” makes them even more powerful.

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NICKMERCS says it’s worse than the gun glitch – the infamous bug that randomly turned your gun into a massive, spiky, light-emitting freakshow. But there is indeed a crazy Warzone exploit that gives players unlimited Juggernauts.

He says that the unlimited Juggernaut glitch is way worse and “they gotta get on this”, obviously referring to Infinity Ward. He reiterates how widespread the issue is as he says that “every lobby that we go in, there’s a team of Juggernauts that you’re fighting”.

He acknowledges that Activision isn’t the quickest at rectifying issues within Warzone as there are generally multiple problems to be dealing with at one time. But at this moment, fighting multiple Juggernauts is tough. NICKMERCS says “try fighting four, maybe even ten, dude, nah.”

To see the full video and see NICKMERCS’ comments in full, check out his video below.

Given the negativity surrounding Juggernauts and the continual glitches that keep popping up with them, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Juggernauts temporarily removed from the game altogether.

A new update is just around the corner, so it’ll be interesting to see what gets changed.

Image credits: Infinity Ward, NICKMERCS

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