New H.A.R.P. Scorestreak and vehicle coming in Black Ops Cold War Season 1

Liam Mackay

The Call of Duty blog gave us a ton of new information about Black Ops Cold War Season 1, including the H.A.R.P Scorestreak and new Tactical Raft vehicle.

Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 1 is set to be “the largest ever free content drop in Black Ops history.” With it comes the return of 2v2 Gunfight, several new maps and modes, and integration with Warzone and Modern Warfare.

There are also brand new weapons such as the Groza AR, MAC 10 SMG, and melee weapons the Sledgehammer and Wakizashi sword.

A new Scorestreak and vehicle will also be added to Cold War during its first season.

New Scorestreak & vehicle

The H.A.R.P Scorestreak will be added to Cold War in Season 1’s launch week. This is a high-flying stealth aircraft (or High-Altitude Reconnaissance Plane) that “shows both enemy positions and their directions on the mini-map, giving you a key advantage during the end-game moments of a Multiplayer match.”

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 roadmap

This is similar to the much-requested Blackbird Scorestreak, which takes full advantage of the traditional mini-map. The H.A.R.P. being described as especially valuable during end-game moments means it’s likely this will be a high-end Scorestreak.

Then later in the season comes the Tactical Raft. This new vehicle will be added to Fireteam maps with large bodies of water, such as Sanatorium which will be coming later in Season 1.

The Call of Duty blog describes it as a “fast-moving boat that allows for quick maneuvering and carrying personnel across water-based terrain, beginning with the lake in the Sanatorium Fireteam map. Deft use of this watercraft can turn the tide of battle in the right hands.”

Operator Adler uses the Attack Helicopter mini-gun in CoD: Warzone

There will also be a new helicopter added exclusively to Warzone. The Attack Helicopter, described as a “tiny terror”, is a small chopper with mini-guns on the sides. While traversing Verdansk and Rebirth Island, you can rain down fire against squads without having to use primary weapons.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will officially launch at 11PM PT on December 15, which is December 16 for the majority of players worldwide.

Source: Call of Duty Blog