How to use the Black Ops Cold War Music Player

Nicholas Sakadelis
Black Ops Cold War Music Player

Here’s how you can access the Music Player feature in the menus of Black Ops Cold War, allowing you to listen to your favorite tracks whenever you wish.

Season two of Black Ops Cold War has brought plenty of fresh additions to the game, such as the new Outbreak mode and the new LC10 Submachine Gun. Among this update also was an expansion of the games music player, which allows players to listen to soundtracks from the Black Ops Franchise on-demand while in the menu’s, essentially allowing players to change the menu themes.

We’re aware that when you play a game for a long stretch of time, menu soundtracks eventually become stale, and even downright annoying as you listen to the same series of tracks for several months. Luckily, with the music player, you’ll always have a fresh playlist of tracks to cycle around at will.

How to access the Music Player

For some odd reason, the Music Player appears to be hidden in the natural menu you’d expect to find it in, being the audio tab of the main settings menu. Instead, Treyarch have opted to sneak this option into the Barracks tab.

Once you locate the player, you’ll have several options to make your own favorite mix of soundtracks. You can play all the tracks in order or at random. They’ve even given players the option to disable certain soundtracks they don’t like.

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer Key Art

For example, if you’ve grown tired of the Black Ops Cold War theme, you can disable the theme to never hear it again, instead opting to only listen to the Black Ops 2 “Adrenaline” theme from multiplayer.

You can also listen to all of these tracks in-game by setting the Music Player to “On” instead of “Menu Only.” Be sure to spread the word to your friends!

Image Credits: Treyarch/Activision