How to use finishing moves in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s how to perform finishing moves in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Finishing moves is a new execution animation, first added in Modern Warfare and continuing into Black Ops Cold War.

Each animation gives a unique and sometimes gory finisher to unsuspecting players. While in the execution animation, both players cannot stop the finisher until it is completed, or a player is killed by an enemy.

If you spot someone getting executed, we can’t force you to not steal the kill, but it might be worth watching the show (and the enemy’s public embarrassment) at the cost of some XP.

How to Equip Finishing Moves In Warzone

For Warzone, you’ll want to head over to the operator tab on the main menu. From here, select your favorite operator and hit the customize operator key. (On PC it’s X by default) In the rightmost tab, you’ll see a list of Finishing Moves.

How to Equip Finishing Moves in Black Ops Cold War

Surprisingly, Black Ops Cold War doesn’t have the same equip system as Warzone in the operator tab. You’ll have to navigate to the Weapons tab and select Finishing Moves to equip it here.

Get More Finishing Moves

Finishing moves are available in the Call of Duty Store as part of purchasable bundles and are also included in the Season 1 Battle Pass.

Past finishing moves are available for use in Warzone from Modern Warfare, and currently, certain Black Ops Cold War finishing moves are not available in Warzone.

To see an example of one of the new finishing moves, take a look at YouTuber ShawnJGaming’s video below. Finishing Move starts at the 1:42 timestamp.

How to execute a Finishing Move

To execute a finishing move on an opponent, you’ll want to sneak behind them (with any weapon), then press and hold your melee button. If there’s enough space and the enemy’s back is pointed towards you, you’ll activate your finisher.

Note that finishing moves are different per enemy stance, so the finisher you complete on a standing enemy will be slightly different than when an enemy is prone.

Now get out on the field and embarrass some players!