How to unlock ZORK terminal & Arcade in Black Ops Cold War campaign

Nicholas Sakadelis

You can unlock the ZORK terminal in the Black Ops Cold War campaign, much like the original Black Ops game.

The Black Ops Cold War campaign offers several surprises for players, including this call back easter egg to Black Ops 1.

In the CIA safe house, you can open a secret area that leads to a ZORK computer terminal, complete with all ZORK games and a few extra text-based adventure games. Additionally, you’ll unlock an arcade cabinet with classic Activision games like Pitfall and Chopper Command that you can play directly in the game.

How to access the ZORK terminal

  • 1. Locate the locked door near the weapons stash in the CIA safehouse.
  • 2. Read the clipboard posted next to the door.
  • 3. Take note of the order of the documents on the clipboard posted.
  • 4. Locate each document and write down the highlighted numbers in the order the clipboard said.
    • For example, “Clinical Record” was first, so the first two numbers in the sequence are 1 and 1.
    • The second sequence was “Warren Commission”, which gave the numbers 2 and 2.
    • The last sequence was the “Dallas News Article”, giving the numbers 6 and 3.
    • All together when combined in the proper order, the code is “112263”
  • 5. Input the numbers into the lock on the door in the correct order and it will open.

If you’re having issues locating the clipboards, they’re located in these areas:

  • Warren Commission – On the ground by the locked door.
  • Clinical Record – In the long hallway to the left of the locked door.
  • Dallas News Article – In the darkroom (the red room with photos in it).

And that’s it! You’ll now have permanent access to the area and be able to play all of the games on the terminal and arcade cabinet.

The computer terminal offers lots of different commands and old text games. Enter “help” into the terminal to get a list of commands. Currently, it seems like the terminal only allows you to play games, but there could be other hidden easter eggs lurking about…