How to unlock the song Easter Egg in Die Maschine

Nicholas Sakadelis

Black Ops Cold War’s Die Maschine map is filled with Easter Eggs, including the signature Treyarch music easter egg.

In every Call of Duty Zombies map, there is always a music easter egg, normally obtained by finding teddy bears scattered across the map. For Black Ops Cold War though, the zombies storyline has been rebooted and now we will be finding tapes instead.

Here’s where to find all 3 tapes to trigger the music Easter Egg.

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Tape 1

The first tape is easy to find. Right off the spawn area, take the door towards the main room of Nacht Der Untoten (the room with the D.I.E. Shockwave), then in the corner across from the door you just opened will be a fridge with the first tape in it.

Tape 2

The second tape will be very hard to spot. If you go to the bottom floor of the particle accelerator, on the side where the mystery box spawn is, you’ll find this tape sitting on top of a drawer next to a control panel against the wall.

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At first you may not see it, but it’s hanging a bit off the side which gives away its location a bit more.

Tape 3

The final tape is located inside of the Medical Bay (the room with Speed Cola). If you go into the room on the second floor by the balcony, the tape will be located on the bottom of a shelf by a barrier.

After you get the third tape, the song Alone by Clark S. Nova will play.

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