How to unlock the Holiday Onslaught LW3 blueprint in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

A special Holiday Onslaught mode in BOCW will reward players with an LW3 blueprint if they are able to have a special snowball fight with zombies. The PlayStation exclusive mode is a Holiday variation of Onslaught for PS4 and PS5 players to enjoy.

They do say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, that’s especially when true when festive CoD skins are on the table to earn, for free. The Onslaught Mode, exclusively available to PlayStation users, is a twist on the traditional Zombies formula and incorporates a smaller, more wave-based approach instead of the large-scale, story-heavy experience of normal Zombies.

To celebrate Christmas, Treyarch has added a new version of this mode – Holiday Onslaught – that also recognizes the launch of BOCW Season One too. As well as gunning down endless hoards of zombies, there’s also a cool reward to work towards in the form of a blueprint for the LW3 Sniper Rifle.

The LW3 blueprint in BOCW’s Holiday Onslaught

Black Ops Cold War’s Onslaught Mode won’t be an exclusive forever, but it will retain its single brand for some time to come. So Treyarch bolstering the mode with more content is always a good idea to keep players invested.

For those of you who are uninformed or unaware of Onslaught, it’s a spin-off mode of Zombies that sees players confined to a small area and have to survive waves of Zombies. The Holiday version simply spruces up the template with some snow, festive hats, and snowballs for that perfect Xmas touch.

Season 1 has already added so much extra content, but a new blueprint is always something cool to show-off in multiplayer. In order for you to sport this cool, new design, here are the instructions you’ll need to follow:

  1. Access the Holiday Onslaught mode
  2. Begin a game
  3. Once the game begins, scour the map for snowballs and pick them up
  4. Throw snowballs at zombies and then kill them very quickly once they are frozen before they unfreeze.
  5. Keep doing this until you’ve managed to take down 25 zombies using this method
  6. Finish the match
  7. Check your inventory after the match has completed
  8. You should now have the Bronzewood Blueprint

This time-limited blueprint is now yours to keep forever. So make sure that after you’ve earned it so slap that bad boy straight onto the LW3 and single Jingle Bells whilst you do it.

Image credits: Treyarch

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