How to find and kill Demented Echos in Cold War’s Outbreak Mode

Andrew Highton
cod bocw outbreak zombies mode

One of Outbreak’s enemy types is the new Demented Echos, and you can find out where they are in Black Ops Cold War and how to kill them.

Black Ops Cold War’s daring new Zombies mode introduces many new horrible elements to the already storied Zombies formula. We have a huge area to explore, hundreds of extra Zombies, and some new ones too.

Outbreak is radically different from anything Call of Duty has ever seen before. Normally, with the likes of Die Maschine or Firebase Z, 1-4 players are locked in one area and have to build their resources up to unlock extra rooms and work hard to progress and maintain what they have. Whereas Outbreak is a different beast entirely and demands alternative strategies to survive.

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The fresh-face Demented Echos are glowing red ghosts that will pop out at you and cause you problems if you’re not careful, or quick. Their appearances are fleeting and scarce, so here are the best ways to find them, and deal with them.

cod bocw zombies outbreak

Where are Demented Echos in Outbreak?

One key aspect of Treyarch’s inventive Outbreak mode is exploration and investigating every nook and cranny that the round’s respective map has to offer. Finding resources, weapons, and materials are all vital if players want to go further.

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During one of your expeditions though you may across one of the game’s rare sights – the Demented Echos. It’s unclear at this juncture what their spawn rates are like as they do appear to be exceedingly low.

We do know that you will find them randomly inside buildings. These jumpscare-inducing zombies will be hiding in corners and clinging to walls. They can easily get the jump on you if you’re not careful, but they’re very noticeable because their bodies are entrenched in fire.

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How to kill a Demented Echo

Once you spot one, you need to make sure you act fast as they can cause big damage in more ways than one.

Swift action is required because the Demented Echo will do one of two things:

  • Literally fly at you, setting you on fire, cause damage, and eventually explode if left for too long
  • Alert all the other zombies in the surrounding area and draw them towards your location

Despite their supernatural presence, Demented Echos only require normal weapons and combat to kill. You don’t any special items or specific items to take them down.

Simply light them up, before they light you up, and be rewarded for doing so with essence.

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Image credits: Treyarch