How to do the Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Die Maschine

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s a guide on how to complete the Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ map, Die Maschine.

In the new zombies map, Die Maschine, Treyarch added a funny easter egg that awards you with a free perk and a show of zombies performing the Coffin Dance.

To start this Easter Egg, you’ll need to activate the pack-a-punch. You do not need to be in the dark aether after to do this.

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After activating pack-a-punch, orbs will spawn around the particle accelerator room, and you will have to shoot five of them in order to do this easter egg.

Note: The hit detection on these orbs may be off. Some you may have to shoot a few times for it to properly register.

First Orb

The first orb is located behind a vent towards the Elemental Pop & power room.

Second Orb

From the first orb, go up the right staircase towards the power room and in the corner by the computer terminals you’ll spot this orb behind a desk chair.

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Third Orb

This one may be a bit more difficult to spot, but its hidden in the corner of a barrier at the bottom level of the particle accelerator. This window is located under the main staircase on the same floor as the workbench.

Fourth Orb

This orb is located at the top of a vent by the door leading to the Deadshot Daqurai room.

Fifth Orb

The fifth and final orb is a bit harder to spot. You’ll need to hop on top of the particle accelerator and look down under the platform by the upgrade station.

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Once you shoot the last orb, you’ll automatically be teleported to the Dark Aether and will be treated to a hilarious performance by the zombies.

When you are taken out of the Dark Aether, the zombies will drop the coffin and when opened it will drop bonus items and a bonus perk.

Below you can see the dance for yourself.