How to build Die Maschine’s Aetherscope in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

cod cold war aetherscope zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Die Maschine map wants you to build the Aetherscope. Our easy-to-follow guide will guide you through the Zombies map and make the process easy.

Die Maschine has an extraordinary amount of content for CoD players to take in and make the most of. Aside from all the usual fanfare of Perks, Easter Eggs, and Wonder Weapons, there’s also the story and its objectives to complete.

One such task is to build the Aetherscope, a magical device that allows the player to see anomalies when traveling in and out of the Aether Realm. It requires a few steps, and we’ll walk you through them to make it straightforward.

Where are the Aetherscope pieces in Cold War’s Die Maschine?

Aether Portal

Your first step on the path to building Black Ops Cold War’s Aetherscope is to make sure that you’ve built the Pack-A-Punch Machine. You can do that by entering the Dark Aether via the Particle Accelerator and locating the Pack-A-Punch part (marked on your HUD and mini-map) to build the Machine.

Once you have the Pack-A-Punch built, you will be teleported out of the Dark Aether. In order to start building the Aetherscope, you will have to re-enter the Dark Aether to pick up the parts.

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To spawn another portal, you’ll have to kill zombies. Once this has been achieved, the game will mark the nearest portal on your HUD and map.

Enter the portal, and you’ll be able to locate the pieces listed below. Please note the pieces can spawn in any order, so be on the lookout.

First Aetherscope Piece

CoD Cold War Aetherscope piece 1

This piece is located on top of the crashed plane and it will have a notable bright glowing yellow outline around it.

You can easily get to this spot through the 2nd floor of the main building or from one of the entrances of the laboratory.

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Second Aetherscope Piece

CoD Cold War Aetherscope piece 2

The second Aetherscope piece is simple to find as you will be able to see it next to the Particle Accelerator.

More precisely, it’s via the staircase towards the upgrade station and the Speed Cola machine, right next to an Aether portal and a vent. Unlike the last piece, it will have a distinct orange glow around it.

Third Aetherscope Piece

CoD Cold War Aetherscope piece 3

The last piece should be in a very familiar and easy-to-reach spot as it’s located in Die Maschine’s spawn area.

In the west end, there will be a staircase, and under it will be the third and final piece to build the Aetherscope. As with the other two pieces, you’ll be able to single it out due to its colored outline – green in this instance.

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Where do I build the Aetherscope in Die Maschine?

CoD Cold War Aetherscope device

Located right under the Pack-A-Punch Machine will be a workbench. Here you can interact with it and build the sacred Aetherscope.

Once you’ve picked it up, it will work for all teammates and appear around the radar. The scope detects anomalies in the Dark Aether, such as boss zombies and intel.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch