Horrifying Outbreak glitch makes Cold War Zombies even more terrifying

Andrew Highton
cod black ops cold war zombies outbreak

Cold War’s Season 2 introduction of the Outbreak Zombies mode has added more horror than anticipated thanks to a bizarre glitch that ups the scares.

Between the Mimics and the super-powerful Krasny Soldat boss enemies, there are more enough elements for players to keep a watchful eye on as they’re trying to survive. The beauty of Season 2’s Outbreak mode is that the deeper you go, the harder it gets, and the more nasty enemies appear in abundance.

Outbreak’s concept works because it takes all the existing elements of Zombies, adds a bit more to it, and then dumps it in the biggest maps possible.

So you still get to wield the Ray Gun and various Wonder Weapons, but now you can test your aim by firing them halfway across one of Fireteam’s huge areas. It also makes it all the more terrifying when there is a swarm of undead creatures in all directions for miles.

Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and glitches making the game even more intimidating, such as a nightmare rave glitch and turning the game sideways.

One CoD: Black Ops Cold War player wouldn’t have banked on their most fear-inducing experiences coming via a dog, though.

The notorious Plaguehounds debuted in Black Ops Cold War and these poor, undead poochies riddled with chemicals have made players’ lives hell ever since.

But it seems like Reddit user ILS_APL_99 encountered a new breed of Plaguehound in Outbreak that left them slightly taken aback, to say the least.

In a post entitled “Screamed for a solid 3 seconds” we saw a brief demonstration of what can happen to Plaguehounds when the game goes bad.

The player was wielding a Hauer and smashing Aether Rocks to get themselves the usual haul of essence and goodies. Instead, they got a group of seriosuly demented and warped Plaguehounds charging at them.

On one hand, these texture-broken dogs look like the stuff of nightmares with their entire bodies entirely black and emanating a demonic glow – whilst still being on fire.

On the other hand, they actually look awesome and should be a permanent feature in CoD moving forward. If you imagine these battering you at close-range in Die Machine or Firebase Z, it would definitely make you think twice about how you approach the game!

Image credits: Treyarch