Hidden update to Cold War Outbreak makes huge change to Zombies

Andrew Highton
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Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode has been hugely popular since it was added, and it seems like the Zombies mode now has dedicated servers that weren’t mentioned by Treyarch in the Season 5 patch notes.

If there’s one main complaint about any form of Zombies in Call of Duty, it’s that the mode features no sort of dedicated servers. Players have complained about it previously, and it’s a problem as it can cause games to end unexpectedly or players to die.

However, one eagle-eyed player has cottoned onto the fact that Treyarch may have sneakily given Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode some dedicated servers. There was no mention of this via Treyarch’s socials or in the official patch notes, but evidence suggests that it might be the case.

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Reddit user murfman713 has claimed that Black Ops Cold War now has dedicated servers for the Outbreak mode in Season 5.

The user said: “I just noticed we have dedicated servers in Outbreak. WHY IN THE HELL wouldn’t you put this in the DAMN PATCH NOTES?!?!? It’s one of the greatest things you have done, why hide it?

“Why do I think we have dedicated servers, well let me explain. Every game, as of this week, has low ping and no host-drops, or “waits for host”. On top of that, I just joined a game in progress, everyone left, yet I was still there and the host didn’t even have to do that transfer bullshit. SO YES, it’s safe to say we have dedicated servers. I would never be the host while joining a game in progress, for obvious reasons.”

Without dedicated servers, games of Zombies commonly end up with host issues, which causes host migration, and this leads to weak connections and other issues.

A couple of people questioned the legitimacy of the assumed change, to which the OP reconfirmed several aspects of their experience with Outbreak. It seems to be the case that dedicated Outbreak servers are here, and if so, it’s a welcome addition to Call of Duty as many players love Zombies.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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