H.A.R.P scorestreak Glitch ruining Black Ops Cold War Games

Nicholas Sakadelis

A glitch with the H.A.R.P scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War is ruining games for players.

The H.A.R.P, or High Altitude Reconnaissance Plane is a high-tier scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War that rewards players with the ability to see the location of all enemies on the radar consistently for 45 seconds.

The streak costs a total of 6,000 score and gives your team a huge advantage against the enemy team. It can be countered via an air patrol or by a few locked-on rocket shots. However, it seems that the most detrimental counter to the H.A.R.P isn’t streaks or other players, but rather your gamemode choice.

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In a post on Reddit, user TheDerpasaur1 posted about this gamebreaking bug, which does not allow hardcore users to see enemies on the HARP unless a UAV is active simultaneously, destroying the point of even running the streak.

Unfortunately, due to the Hardcore restrictions, the radar is disabled until a UAV is active. When the H.A.R.P is called in, it doesn’t activate the radar like the UAV does, which means to get the effect you’ll need to have the UAV called in as well.

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So be warned, if you run a H.A.R.P in Hardcore, run a UAV as well.

Not Just In Hardcore…

The H.A.R.P bug is not just in Hardcore, but also present in core modes. In core, you’ll always have your radar active, but occasionally you won’t see enemies on the radar due to a bug with the Jammer field upgrade.

If a teammate or enemy has one active while a H.A.R.P is up, the markers on the radar will be blocked off. An enemy jammer is understandable, but it appears this also appears when you’re around one a teammate has called in.

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We recommend watching out for jammers in core modes, and not running the H.A.R.P in hardcore modes for the time being.