Death Perception Perk loadout gives huge damage boost in Cold War Zombies

cold war death perception zombies

A discovery has been made about Black Ops Cold War’s new Death Perception Perk that proves it causes greater damage to Armored Zombies enemies when equipped with the right attachments.

One of the coolest aspects about new weapons or equipment being added is finding hidden things out about them that aren’t outwardly stated on patch notes. Or even tiny changes that aren’t as talked about, but are just as important as anything else.

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Season 5 has given the XM4 an exclusive attachment that gives the weapon a substantial reload speed boost, and even the Groza has had its ADS and field of view improved.

It now turns out that Black Ops Cold War’s newest Zombies Perk has bonus effects that can increase its effectiveness against Armored Enemies.

death perception perk in cold war

Reddit user necessaryok is the Black Ops Cold War player responsible for this cool find, and they revealed their findings through a side-by-side comparison video.

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In their video, they had the new TEC-9 SMG decked out with shiny Dark Matter camo, and compared having Death Perception equipped against not having the Perk.

The first test simply pitted the TEC-9 against a regular Armored Zombie. A body shot did 21 damage with the Perk compared to 17 without.

Next, they combined the Deadshot Daquiri with Death Perception, and a body shot then did 32 damage. Finally, the player used the Cavalry barrel for the TEC-9 alongside the two Perks, and a body shot to the Armored enemies did 42 damage!

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The player also provided a final analysis of the information too to make it easier to weigh all the numbers up.

“Base damage to normal zombies – 50

Tec – 9 no pap, red rarity

  • Base damage armoured zombie – 17
  • With Death Perception – 21
  • With Death Perception and Deadshot Daiquiri – 32

Tec – 9 no pap, red rarity (Cavalry barrel)

  • Base damage to armoured zombie – 21
  • With Death Perception – 27
  • With Death Perception and Deadshot Daiquiri – 42

Edit: there’s a miscalculation in “total damage increase” at the end of the video. The number is actually 147% increase in damage which is a multiplier of 2.47.”

So if you’re thinking about playing Zombies anytime soon and have the TEC-9 unlocked, then consider giving these options a go to make your life easier.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch