How to use Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducer

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cold war zombies rampage inducer

If you ever thought Cold War Zombies was too easy, now you can use the Zombies Rampage Inducer to raise the intensity.

The Cold War Season 5 Reloaded update adds a bunch of new content to every mode. Multiplayer is getting a new map and game mode, and Zombies is getting quite a few updates.

Both the Outbreak and Onslaught Zombies modes are getting new maps, modes, and events. Treyarch also teased the release date window for the final round-based Zombies map. But the current round-based maps were not forgotten in the Season 5 Reloaded update.

Players can experience the three existing Cold War Zombies maps with a new level of difficulty. That’s thanks to the Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducer which has been added to all round-based Zombies maps.

Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducer

How to use Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducer

If you were looking for a lot of new round-based Zombies content this update, you may be disappointed. However, the Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducer has a massive impact on the preexisting Zombies maps.

The Rampage Inducer can be activated (or deactivated) once per round. If activated, zombies will have an increased spawn rate and will sprint endlessly.

However, the Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducers can only be used until Round 20 when the canister will explode.

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However, it’s up to the full group whether they want to experience a rampage. An Essence Canister will appear in the starting area of each map. Players must unanimously agree to activate the canister. If players want to turn it off, they must also unanimously agree.

The Cold War Zombies Rampage Inducer is a multipurpose tool. Yes, its main intent is to make Zombies much harder in the beginning.

Yet, it can also be used to reach higher rounds much faster. And if you find the first 20 rounds are a snooze fest, this will definitely spice up the gameplay.

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