Cold War players slam “pile of trash” Battle Axe melee weapon

Nathan Warby
Black Ops Cold War Mason and Battle Axe

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 added the Battle Axe into the mix of weapons for players to try out. However, some fans haven’t responded well to the latest melee item to join the roster.

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is here, and there’s plenty of fresh changes for players to enjoy – from a fresh battle pass to a series of buffs and nerfs.

Among the new additions is a brand new melee weapon to unlock known as the Battle Axe.

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After players initially criticized the difficulty of its unlock challenge, concerns have now been expressed, suggesting it might not be worth the effort.

Battle Axe in Black Ops Cold War Season 6

Reddit user football_rpg slammed the new weapon as a “flaming pile of trash” in a recent post, claiming it had no redeeming qualities.

“Lock on is basically non-existent, but when it does activate it yeets you passed your target,” they said. “Can’t spam it, so you better get the kill on your first try, cause otherwise your swinging at air.”

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Many others agreed with the post, arguing that melee combat was already a struggle and that the Battle Axe is only making matters worse.

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“I can’t hit anyone using it. Even in zombies I’m struggling with it. They’ve gotta fix it soon,” said another fan.

Some even argued that the only answer is that the weapon is malfunctioning, making it impossible to land hits consistently.

“I genuinely believe the weapon in its current state is broken and not working as intended. It misses SO MANY hits, which is unbelievable, frustrating and made me regret buying the bundle,” said a Redditor.

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“I really hope they fix this weapon and enable lock-on at the least to work like any other melee,” they added.

Devs are yet to confirm if they are aware of any issues with the Battle Axe or if the weapon is working as intended.

It remains to be seen if developers will address the issues raised by players in a future patch. As always, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for the latest updates.

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Image credits: Activision

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