Cold War players call Tec-9 modern version of overpowered World at War weapon

cold war tec-9 mp40

The Tec-9 is one of the new weapons for Black Ops Cold War Season 5 and is being compared to a classic World at War weapon many considered overpowered.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 saw the introduction of some new weapons, one of which has been reminding players of a classic Call of Duty: World at War weapon.

The Tec-9 is a new powerful SMG that shot straight up the weapon meta for Black Ops Cold War. Some players are even claiming that the Tec-9 makes other SMGs useless, with comparisons to a very strong SMG from a previous title.

cold war tec-9

Treyarch’s World at War was released way back in 2008 when Call of Duty’s Multiplayer was relatively new to the gaming world. During that time, one weapon, in particular, stood out among the community, the MP40.

Although this weapon has made a return in several other Call of Duty games, the World at War version has always been considered the best. The weapon’s power is renowned among the community even today, with players drawing comparisons to the Tec-9 in Black Ops Cold War.

A Reddit user and Call of Duty player put up a post with the caption: “The tec-9 is the great grandson of WAW”s MP40.”

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Ultimately the post compares the Tec-9 to the MP40 in the way it dominates the weapon meta. The player claims the Tec-9 has “ruined the meta of the game,” especially once you get the full auto repeater as then “it becomes a laser beam at range.”

This player isn’t the only one frustrated by the Tec-9’s power, as others also agree that the weapon is too strong in the comments:

“Now the TEC-9 is legit broken. Way worse than the LC10 ever was. There’s no point in playing public matches if you aren’t using this gun. The TTK is so much faster than everything else in the game it really doesn’t belong in Cold War at all.”

It’s clear the community is already fed up with how strong the Tec-9 is, and there will most likely be a nerf incoming much like what the developers did when the LC10 was considered overpowered.

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Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch