Cold War players call for fan-favorite Black Ops weapon to be brought back

Joseph Pascoulis
black ops weapon olympia

After the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 reveal, players now call for the devs to bring back a fan-favorite Black Ops weapon.

We’ve seen many classic Black Ops weapons introduced into Cold War and Warzone over the last 3 seasons, with the PPSH, Galil/Fara-83, AK-74u, and more.

With Season 4 being revealed, players are slightly disappointed that they are yet to see another classic Black Ops weapon make the cut.

black ops weapon cold war mg 82

Season 4 is looking to bring a heap of new content to both Warzone and Cold War, including the activation of the Red Doors, a new Zombies map, and even new weapons like the Nail Gun.

Season 4 doesn’t seem to be bringing back any popular classic Black Ops weapons, apart from the MG 82 LMG, which isn’t really known as a fan favorite.

In light of this, some fans over on Reddit expressed their views towards which classic weapon from Black Ops they would also like to see make a return.

Classic Black Ops weapon fans want to see

Reddit user TheRealmUm posted an image of the Black Ops shotgun, the Olympia, with the caption:

“It’s almost the new season so I will say this again #bringbackolympia”

Fans in the comments responded in agreement, with one user saying:

“I agree completely, I feel like the olympia is a staple for black ops games.”

The Olympia is definitely a classic Black Ops weapon. With the Gallo already present, it only seems right to also add the Olympia, completing the set for the two most memorable Black Ops shotguns.

Some in the comments did disagree however, saying:

“I mean, it’d be a fun gun, but since Shotguns are secondaries it’d probably suck on drop or be too OP and then nerfed to the ground after drop (like the Streetsweeper). I still remember using it in BO1 and 3, it was very strong, almost always a one shot kill if you were in the right range.”

It’s true that the shotgun format is different in Cold War compared to the original Black Ops games, with shotguns now being secondary weapons. However, regardless of how strong it is, it would be great to see another classic weapon enter the game, especially if it came with a Dragon’s Breath attachment.

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Image Credits: Treyarch / Activision

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