Cold War player literally wins a match using a piano as a controller

Andrew Highton
cod cold war piano

Replacing their controller with a piano, one Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gamer inexplicably secured a victory in the CoD’s Gun Game mode.

Sometimes a headline doesn’t need to be overly complicated, and that is the case here as one CoD player managed to quite literally do what it says on the tin. Providing video evidence, they managed to dominate a game of Gun Game in Black Ops Cold War using only a piano.

Players have previously managed to pull off amazing feats such as getting a kill in Warzone with a baguette, getting a kill with bongos, and even using a classic Rock Bank guitar. But out of all these impressive feats, this potentially tops the lot.

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Going under the Reddit handle of grooviehoovie, the player excitedly shared their captured footage to the social media platform.

The 43-second video had a constant camera on the player’s hands and piano keys, as well as the usual gameplay ripped directly from CoD: Cold War.

The Gun Game took place on Season 2’s Apocalypse map, and the player wasn’t just content with scoring one or two kills, and it showed with their performance.

Being three behind early on, grooviehoovie managed to rally on pull the game back in his favor, and proceed to run away with the advantage.

You can tell they’re using a piano because of the jerky nature of the character’s movements moving to presses of each key. They managed to win by seven weapons after an insane long-range Ballistic Knife kill.

Whilst there were plenty of supportive comments regarding the nature of the victory, others were not as supportive with some toxic remarks also being used.

grooviehoovie explained, “To clarify for people since toxic threads like this keep appearing, I haven’t reverse boosted at all to get any of my piano gameplays.” We believe this is legitimate, and it’s amazing that someone can even get a couple of kills using a piano, let alone winning a whole match!

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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