Cold War player beats Mauer der Toten Main Quest Easter Egg with a piano

cod cold war mauer der toten on piano

The challenge of completing Mauer der Toten’s Main Quest Easter Egg was clearly not enough for one Black Ops Cold War player as they decided to beat it using a piano.

Season 4’s Mauer der Toten was the latest round-based Zombies map in the Call of Duty franchise. Its combination of a speeding train carrying the undead, Ziplines, and a new Wonder Weapon made for a fun ride.

Players have received the map with open arms, including one individual who played the same game for 5 days to set a new Cold War world record. But now, one player has decided to break new ground by completing Mauer der Toten’s Main Quest Easter Egg using a piano for a controller.

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mauer der toten map in cold war

Mauer der Toten’s Main Quest is a rather convoluted endeavor that consists of many steps that you can review here with our complete guide.

Yet, YouTuber Whoovie dismissed the challenge of the Main Quest by not only completing it but by successfully beating it using only a piano!

In their 6-minute YouTube video, they provided a running commentary detailing all the major steps along the way to doing the challenge whilst showing gameplay footage.

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If this task wasn’t already tough enough, the player even tried to complete the Easter Egg in under an hour. They did manage to beat the final boss in under the hour, but the final step where you fight off some Zombies did take the player past the hour mark.

Nevertheless, this was a hugely impressive achievement accomplished by Whoovie, and it sits alongside his other feat he completed of winning a match of Gun Game also using a piano.

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other ridiculous Call of Duty achievements such as reaching 10th Prestige without getting a single kill or picking up Warzone kills using a baguette.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch / Elliot Billings via CreativeCommons