Cold War Outbreak Zombies mode: Easter Eggs, Evolution, Future

The new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Zombies mode has arrived on all platforms with the Season 2 Update on February 25.  

During a roundtable discussion with the Treyarch Zombies team this week, the team provided some new information on the Outbreak Zombies mode as fans drop into play it with Season 2

Treyarch has confirmed that they plan to evolve the new Outbreak Zombies mode throughout Cold War’s post launch season with new and fresh content. 

Main Quest & Easter Eggs

One of the bigger pieces of content that’s not available immediately is Main Quests and Easter Eggs. 

Treyarch plans for Easter Eggs and a variety of side quests for Outbreak to come, but those are not available on the launch of the mode.

Treyarch’s development team confirmed during a discussion this week that those two features are being added to the Outbreak mode in Black Ops Cold War with Season 3. 

The team said they are working to implement new ways and features for the Easter eggs, and as such, will launch later than the initial mode.

The mode itself still ties into the Dark Aether Story line, and continues the story of what’s to come for Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode this year. 

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Accessible Zombies Mode  + Evolution

A big goal of the Outbreak mode is that it’s open world and very casual to play compared to the dedicated Zombies DLC maps. There’s more time to explore, more fun to have throughout the game, and more relaxed feel to play this compared to regular Zombies map. 

Similar to Zombies modes in the past, you can play this Solo, with friends, online, in private matches – how you want. And it allows for a more relaxed, casual play with exploring, looting, and building your arsenal as you move across the locations of the Ural Mountains. 

Outbreak features the same progression system across Cold War, with Zombies camo and weapons accessible inside of Outbreak for players to equip. 

Treyarch also confirmed they plan to continue to evolve and expand the Outbreak Zombies mode as Cold War’s post launch seasons continue in 2021. Outbreak lets players have a new, fun way to play Zombies that’s never been done before in Call of Duty. 

Treyarch’s development team confirmed there are plans for the evolution of Outbreak through the post launch seasons, but the studio also mentioned that if the mode is successful they will carry it over to future Treyarch games. 

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Zombies DLC

Outbreak won’t be the only Zombies priority for Treyarch with Cold War. The studio confirmed that they still plan to release normal Zombies DLC maps for the community to further evolve and push the Dark Aether Story in to the future. 

They did not comment however on when to expect the next Zombies map for Cold War. The first DLC map, Firebase Z, launched in early February. 

As always, stay tuned to CharlieIntel for the latest news on Black Ops Cold War and Outbreak.