CoD pro Simp reveals his overpowered Krig 6 loadout

Nicholas Sakadelis

Pro player for the Atlanta FaZe, Simp, shows us his favorite Krig 6 loadout in Black Ops Cold War.

The professional Call of Duty scene is filled with the biggest minds in the game. Today, we’ll be looking behind the curtain by one of the fastest rising stars yet, Chris “Simp” Lehr.

In Simps rookie year, he managed to actually win COD champs as part of the eUnited roster in Black Ops 4. Since then, he has skyrocketed in stardom as a name to know in the COD esports scene. He is now on the main roster for Atlanta FaZe.

This year, Simp is back to Black Ops, and as the previous Black Ops world champion and MVP, he’s the player to take tips from. Let’s take a look at his loadout that he mentioned in a YouTube video.

Simp’s Krig 6 Loadout

  • Optic – Millstop/Microflex LED: Up to preference, whichever works best for you.
  • Barrel – 19.7″ Ranger: The bullet velocity is a vital stat when engaging enemies. Simp thinks it’s crucial to the game.
  • Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip: Better overall recoil control. A boost to both vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Handle – Airborne Elastic Wrap: Gives the user the ability to drop shot, with additional aim down sight time and flinch resistance. Above all, Simp feels drop-shotting is a big advantage in gunfights, and it’s good to have around for firefights.
  • Stock – Raider Stock: Gives you better strafe speed and aim down sight time. Great for aggressive competitive gameplay.

Simp’s Perk Choice

In competitive CoD, players run the lawbreaker wildcard to use multiple perks from a single perk category. Here’s what Simp uses.

  • Tactical Mask: Stun grenade resistance
  • Gung-Ho: Slide further, fire your weapon, and throw grenades while sprinting. Switch weapons faster and take less fall damage. A great perk for aggressive players.
  • Ninja: Sprint more quietly.

For public matches, you may want to swap Gung-Ho out with Flak Jacket to not run into as many lethals and tacticals. In competitive play, this loadout is ideal for aggression.

If you’re someone who plays competitive games, this loadout might be worth trying in your next scrim.

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