COD 2020 Aug 17 teaser: new tape, Warzone Bunker, and more

The Call of Duty 2020 teaser campaign continue.

The newest tape is now live on the PawnTakesPawn website.

On August 17, a tape has started playing showing the history from 1977-78. Alongside the new tape, the 1972-73 was updated to v2, 1968-69 was updated to v3 and 61-62 to v4. The tape has a pink dot next to it on the site.

During the tape, the numbers 03, 02, 07, 08, 05, 01, 01, and 07 was shown on the screen.

Alongside this, a new Warzone code was shown during the tape. The code was for a Bunker at location B7 and the code is 97264138.

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Inside the bunker, there’s an elevator at the back, alongside a desk with more documents and books on it. There is also another table with an RC-XD being built, similar to the Shack next to the Prison.

Here’s a video from PrestigeIsKey:

And some screenshots:

Stay tuned.

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