Classic CoD map Raid returns in Black Ops Cold War Season One

Andrew Highton

One of the new maps that will headline the beginning of Black Ops Cold War Season One has been announced as being Raid. Debuting in Black Ops 2, the map is a beloved treasure in Call of Duty and will be a great addition to the game.

Black Ops Cold War already has quite a few maps that feel like they could seamlessly slot into any classic CoD title and it would be a perfect fit. Treyarch has definitely tried to regain some of that formula that has made the franchise an unprecedented success with their latest effort.

But their current crop of corridors and open-spaces will not be alone for too long as the hotly-anticipated Season One kicks off very soon bringing with it new content. We know for certain that in that airdrop of goodies we will get the Hollywood-inspired map, Raid.

raid map in call of duty

Raid returns

The triumphant return of Raid can only be good news as the L.A estate is jam-packed full of life and personality. Whether it’s tussling behind expensive cars waiting to be written off or destroying priceless architecture with semtex. Raid is a superb map that compliments any 6 v 6 mode.

Its luxurious nature is furthered by just how diverse it is. In addition to all the cover-based shootouts you can have, Raid also has plenty of scope to use…well a scope. Long-range battles are perfectly suited to this map and its complexities are what make Raid thrive as a total package kind of environment.

But when will you be able to play it? The map was originally supposed to be dropping along with the rest of the Season One content on December 10.

Due to unforeseen circumstances however, that date has now changed to December 16.

Along with Raid, Treyarch has reiterated that its player base can prep themselves for more multiplayer modes, maps, weapons, challenges, and a deeper prestige system.

Image credits: Treyarch

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