Black Ops Cold War update has broken Pack-A-Punch in CoD Zombies

Andrew Highton

A long game of Call of Duty zombies simply cannot be achieved without a fully functioning Pack-A-Punch machine. But the big, new update for BOCW has made zombies extremely difficult by breaking it.

Starting out as a simple side activity, zombies has become a staple of Call of Duty and the thought of no zombies is almost foreign. Which is why the mode has been continually improved and expanded upon over the years.

One such feature that has made zombies so much fun is the Pack-A-Punch machine, a powerful piece of technology that can upgrade your current gun into something far more destructive. But news of its current demise is bad news for people wanting to reach the higher rounds.

pack-a-punch machine in black ops cold war zombies

BOCW Pack-A-Punch machine broken

News of this apparent bug stems from a post on Reddit with user Filtiarne reporting the issue to the Call of Duty community. In the Die Maschine mode, you usually have to turn on the power and find the Pack-A-Punch part to restore the hardware.

This still appears to be the case, but if you try and make use of the machine, it will not only add zero improvements to your gun, but it will actually severely decrease its performance.

Filitarne says: “Pack-A-Punching your weapon makes all of the attachments drop onto the floor, leaving you with a naked base gun. All you can do is stand there and look at your attachments until they de-spawn and then crash out of the game once dogs spawn. Amazing.”

Their frustration can clearly be felt as can the rest of the CoD community whose sentiments are very similar.

One commenter chimed in with a light-hearted reply: “I don’t understand how they could break something like this. Imagine if I asked a Treyarch developer to go to the kitchen, make me a club sandwich and get me a Sprite. 10 minutes later, my house is burned down and the fire brigade would’ve been called.”

Treyarch’s Community Manager FoxhoundFPS has already responded to the error caused by the update. He says: “We’re aware of both of these issues and have released a fix for the plaguehound related crashing issues.”

It’s great to see that it’s been acknowledged and handled very quickly. It shouldn’t be too long until people are packing their weapons with a deadly punch.

Image credits: Treyarch