Black Ops Cold War Scorestreak tricks: Armor, Combat Bow, more

Liam Mackay

Black Ops Cold War includes a range of fan-favorite and brand new Scorestreaks, with all-new tricks to master while using them.

The new Scorestreak system in Black Ops Cold War means that Scorestreaks do not reset on death. As long as you accumulate enough points over a match, you can access any Scorestreak without having to stay alive. Scorestreaks are now more common, so it’s worth deploying some tricks to get the most out of them.

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Here are some things you may not know you can do with Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War.

Use Artillery Strike multiple times

The Artillery Strike is a mid-end Scorestreak, raining artillery down in three chosen locations on the map. Sometimes, however, there aren’t any players showing up as they’re all inside or running Cold Blooded.

You can actually call in the three barrages individually. If there aren’t many targets on the map, you can fire one aimed shot at that target then put the Scorestreak tablet away. When you take it out again, you still have two strikes left. This allows you to be more tactical with your Artillery Strike, rather than using all three strikes at once, hoping for the best.

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Immediately equip Armor

Armor has returned in Black Ops Cold War as a Scorestreak. If you rack up 1600 points, you can equip an Armor plate that reduces incoming damage. Once the Armor takes too much damage, you lose it until you earn it again.

What you may not know is that it can be immediately equipped. Once you have earned Armor, as soon as you activate it, press your ‘switch weapon’ button. This will remove the slow animation where your Operator inserts the Armor plate. If you unlock Armor in a tight spot, use this trick to immediately use it and surprise the enemy.

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Shoot down Air Support with the Combat Bow

The Combat Bow is the easiest Scorestreak to earn, requiring only 500 points over the course of a match. It’s a powerful weapon against infantry but is especially powerful against vehicles.

Reddit user u/yaboyfriendisadork shared a video of him taking out an enemy Spy Plane with the Combat Bow.

If you’re accurate enough, you can take out enemy Air Support with a well-aimed arrow. This is a fun and effective use for this low-end Scorestreak.

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Access Care Packages through roofs

There is a slight risk when using a Care Package in Call of Duty. If you are eliminated before getting your Scorestreak out of it, you risk losing it to the enemy or a greedy teammate.

The entirety of the “Checkmate” map is inside a hanger with open sections of the roof to keep Scorestreaks viable. Most would assume a Care Package must be placed underneath the skylights so it doesn’t get stuck on the roof. You can actually throw the signal smoke anywhere and the crate will ignore the roof, dropping straight down.

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This is clearly intended as a quality-of-life feature. What probably isn’t intentional is that you can call the Care Package inside the bank at the West end of Moscow. Throw the signal smoke down inside, and the Scorestreak will ignore all the upper floors and land on the ceiling directly above you. You can access the crate through the ceiling.

Several other buildings do this too, but not all of them can be accessed through the ceiling. You can experiment in private lobbies to find all the buildings you can call a Care Package inside.

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Slow down Cruise Missile

When using the Cruise Missile, it’s very tempting to race it down to the ground as fast as possible to hit the targets you can see. Like the Artillery Strike, there sometimes aren’t enough enemies on the map to make your strike worthwhile.

You can use your ADS button to slow down the Cruise Missile. This allows you to take time to either get a perfect shot or wait until more enemies appear on-screen. This tactic is best deployed on Garrison where most of the action takes place indoors. Hover your Cruise Missile over the enemies spawn to catch them as they run towards the action.

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Call of Duty cruise missile

Scorestreaks are a massive part of any multiplayer Call of Duty experience. They’re even more common in Cold War, so learning the tricks will help you get the most out of them – whether you’re a fan of the new system or not.

Hopefully, these tricks will give you a leg-up in your next multiplayer match. You may even want to create a new loadout with these strategies in mind.

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