Black Ops Cold War Nuke Event icon & Alcatraz calling card leaked

Liam Mackay

An icon for the previously leaked ‘Nuke Event’ and a calling card for the upcoming Alcatraz game mode have been discovered in the Black Ops Cold War game files.

It was expected that a Nuke would go off in Warzone to mark the launch of Black Ops Cold War in November. Now, it’s more likely that this nuclear event will happen at some point in 2021, as no event has been listed on the road map for Cold War Season 1 on December 10.

A well-known leaker has posted an icon for this event, as well as a calling card teasing the much-anticipated ‘Rebirth’ mode for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Check them out here:

What does it mean?

A nuclear event in Warzone has been expected for a long time. Players expect the explosion to make major changes to the map in a similar fashion to Fortnite’s live events.

If you managed to gain access to Bunker 11 in Verdansk, you could discover a nuke under construction and players have also discovered a launch button item in Warzone.

The leaked icon for this event shows a rocket flying away from a flag with a Soviet-esque star in the background.

The roadmap for Cold War Season 1 teased a ‘Classified Warzone Experience.’ When translated from Russian, the redacted text which accompanies the teaser reads ‘Rebirth Island.’

Rebirth Island is the Soviet base from the original Black Ops where the Nova 6 gas was developed. This chemical weapon bears a strong resemblance to the gas in Warzone.

There have been several clues that Rebirth Island is coming to Warzone and Cold War. A ‘Rebirth’ leaderboard was added to Warzone on November 10, and data miner TheGamingRevolution discovered an upcoming event called Rebirth.

With the map Alcatraz being a massive hit in Blackout, it’s more than likely that Rebirth will feature it as a playable location with a Soviet theme. Now we have further clarification with a calling card picturing Alcatraz being leaked.

As it has been confirmed that Warzone will remain in Verdansk for some time, Alcatraz may be a separate experience using Warzone mechanics in the Black Ops Cold War engine.

It’s very likely that Rebirth and the nuke will be completely separate events, but we won’t know for sure until December 10 when Black Ops Cold War’s first season begins.