Black Ops Cold War Magnums somehow miss at point-blank range

Andrew Highton

Sometimes BOCW’s gunplay can sometimes disappoint, this is the case for one player and his misbehaving Magnums that miss their target at close-range. An incredible video shows a big problem with either the Magnums or the game itself.

The ongoing conversation about Call of Duty’s server issues and gameplay instability will only intensify with examples such as this one. Gamers are always complaining about lag and how latency clearly affects the game.

Hit registration is a common bone of contention that has been around since the early days of online gaming. But cases like this can really underline how bad the issue really can be.

magnum in cod bocw

BOCW Magnums inaccurate or hit-detection issues?

Every gun in Treyarch’s Black Ops Cold War is basically supposed to have its own identity, strengths and weakness, and individuality. From damage output, to recoil patterns, to weight, amongst other things.

But when the gun, or in this case guns, are flat out not working, then it’s easy for the player to become frustrated. This was the case for Reddit user shabooga628 as he not only gained the upper-hand on an enemy player but was seemingly punished for doing so.

In the gameplay clip, shabooga628 equips their Akimbo Magnums and storms into one of Nuketown’s buildings. Once inside, they catch sight of an enemy camping in a corner and smell an easy kill.

Our gamer goes straight up to their prey and unloads a powerful round straight into their head, only the bullet misses. After quickly realizing the kill had not registered, shabooga628 returns to the enemy and fires four more bullets at the unaware player’s head.

The first three shots incredibly don’t register, and even when the fourth (five in total now) finally hits, it still doesn’t even deliver a killing blow. This allows the enemy to finally realize they’re under fire and they turn around to gun down our player instantaneously.

This is the kind of clip that would infuriate anyone because it’s a “been there and done that” kind of clip. But there seems to be no lag and it’s ridiculous that four shots could miss from point-blank distance.

It suggests that there is an issue with the game’s coding for particular weapons or maps, but it’s a problem either way.

Image credits: Treyarch