Cold War devs issue fix for Marshal Dragon’s Breath rounds not working

Marshal Shotgun in Black Ops Cold War

Cold War’s new Marshal Shotgun-Pistol is a unique addition to any loadout, and devs have now fixed an issue preventing the Dragon’s Breath rounds from working while wielded akimbo.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 is in full swing, and we’ve now got access to every new weapon in the season. The EM2 and TEC-9 have been dominating all multiplayer matches, with some saying that the TEC-9 makes “every other fully automatic SMG useless.”

But the new weapon on the scene, the Marshal, had a major problem that’s not letting it live up to its full potential. The Dragon’s Breath fire rounds didn’t work while it was dual-wielded, but Treyarch has confirmed that a fix has been deployed.

Marshal Shotgun Pistol in Black Ops Cold War

Going the opposite direction to Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War’s Shotguns are secondaries. So, they can be wielded alongside the best ARs and SMGs for a devastating loadout.

The new Marshal Shotgun arrived on August 18, but is actually a Pistol. This allows it to be wielded akimbo for double the firepower. Not only can you wield two, but you can add Dragon’s Breath rounds that allow it to shoot out fiery rounds, burning your targets for extra damage. However, at first, the Dragon’s Breath Rounds didn’t work while it was dual-wielded.

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This wasn’t an intentional feature, and Treyarch Community Manager Josh Torres confirmed on August 19 that they had scheduled a fix for the issue. This fix arrived not long after, with the card on Treyarch’s official “BOCW Multiplayer Known Issues” Trello page being updated to say “Fix Released.”

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Image Credit: Treyarch