Bizarre Black Ops Cold War glitch is unlocking Dark Matter early

Dark Matter MP5 in Black Ops Cold War

A strange Black Ops Cold War glitch is apparently giving the Dark Matter camo to players before they have completed all the necessary challenges.

Camos are earned for completing a series of tasks, such as getting headshots and point-blank range kills. Completing these challenges for every launch weapon in the game will grant players the rare Dark Matter camo.

Weapons take considerably longer to level up in Cold War compared to other titles, and some of the camos are rather tricky to complete – especially on off-meta weapons such as rocket launchers and pistols. Displaying Dark Matter in the lobby and in-game is the ultimate show-off.

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While CoD fans can play for days to get their hands on it, it seems one lucky player managed to skip the grind.

YouTuber Hamii, popular for being a weapon challenge completionist, was gifted Dark Matter without completing all the challenges.

“Unlocked Dark Matter apparently?” he tweeted, tagging Treyarch. “Houston we have a problem!”

He went on to explain how he was granted Dark Matter early, saying: “Unlocked one random MP5 camo during a Zombies match, died trying to exfil. Granted Dark Matter instead.”

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The After Action Report screen says that Dark Matter was unlocked through an unnamed challenge. Instead of a title and description, there are instead just a bunch of zeroes. It’s unlikely that this challenge actually exists, the screen has probably just bugged out.

Being a weapon-grinder by trade, Hamii asked Treyarch to find a fix for the problem. Through his tweets, Treyarch has been made aware of the situation. Whether Treyarch will remove the camo from him remains to be seen.

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Image credit: @HHamii_

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