Bizarre Black Ops Cold War cheat lets players use five guns at once

Andrew Highton
cod cold war operators standing together

A Black Ops Cold War player has been caught red-handed using exploits as they showed off their arsenal of 5 different weapons and faster sprinting.

When it comes to cheating in Call of Duty games, it’s primarily Warzone that gets thrown under the spotlight. The game has become notorious for its various hacks and blatant cheaters, yet Black Ops Cold War does suffer too.

This has been proven in a new video showing one player unashamedly cycling between their selection of five guns before sprinting faster than the normal speed.

cod cold war players shooting

There’s simply nothing worse than coming up against an opponent employing underhanded tactics to gain an advantage in a game of CoD.

This is why it was probably frustrating for the Reddit user that had to bear witness to a player using exploits.

In the video posted to Reddit, we saw the cheater initially wield a Baseball Bat, before switching to various weapons, including the Nail Gun.

To make things worse, at the end of the video you could see the screen blur a bit around the edges to emphasize that they were running faster than the game would normally allow.

Some players say it’s a common glitch where you can “Equip 5 Weapons (Primary, Secondary, Tactical Slot, Lethal Slot, and Field Upgrade Slot) and you can equip the Perk Skulker from Black Ops 4, BLOPS4 Body Armor, and another Body Armor.”

However, this wouldn’t explain the faster movement that the original poster alludes to in the title of the post. Given how boastful and open the player is about switching through their weapons, this is most likely some form of cheat.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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