Best Wildcard to use in Black Ops Cold War

Nicholas Sakadelis

Black Ops Cold War comes with a brand new wildcard system. Here’s the best one to use to always stay ahead of the competition.

The wildcard system in Black Ops Cold War gives players the ability to truly break the rules of the classic create-a-class system and play how they want to.

Want to use three perk one perks and have two primary weapons? You can use the law breaker wildcard.

Do you prefer max ammo at spawn and two lethal and tactical grenades? Use the Danger Close wildcard.

Would you like double perks? Perk greed is for you.

Does having 5 attachments bore you? Do you want to have a fully loaded weapon? Gunfighter does just that.

The best wildcard

For the best wild card, our pick has to be perk greed. It offers amazing utility, giving the user 2 perks from each category. Here’s our picks for the best perks to run with it to guarantee your survival in the battlefield.

  • Flak Jacket – Survive the onslaught of grenade spam, and survive an extra shot from the War Machine killstreak.
  • Tactical Mask – Become immune to gas and resistant against flashes and stuns. In combination with Flak Jacket, lethal and tactical equipment are no longer a threat to you.
  • Scavenger – Pick up ammo from fallen enemies.
  • Gearhead – Perfect for when you’re playing an objective. Have up to two pieces of field upgrades charged at once and get them quicker. The recommended field upgrade is the trophy system or field mic.
  • Ghost – Remain invisible on Spy Planes whenever you are moving, planting bombs or controlling scorestreaks.
  • Ninja – Sprint quietly and resistant to field mic when sprinting. Your character also speaks less. In combination with Ghost, you are the ultimate ninja to the enemy team.

If you pair these perks with a suppressed weapon, you will be a huge nuisance to the enemy team, dodging any Spy Plane, Field Mic and sound detection. If you run an assault rifle, you can swap out Gearhead for Assassin for extra streak points when you kill an enemy on a streak.

When running an SMG and playing the objective, you will be a one-man army with these perks combined with a trophy system. Grenades will not phase you, detection will not scare you and you’ll also be a huge help to your team if you’re spamming out trophy systems.