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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War bug destroying Search & Destroy games

A bug in Black Ops Cold War’s Search & Destroy mode is destroying competitive integrity and not properly awarding wins.



A bizarre bug in Black Ops Cold War is ruining the integrity of Search & Destroy games, denying the rightful victors their earned wins.

Joining the long-running list of Black Ops Cold War bugs is one that is quite unusual and highly game-breaking, especially if it makes it into official competitive games or even League Play.

This bug specifically revolves around the popular game mode “Search & Destroy,” where players have 1 life per round and can achieve victory by either eliminating the enemy team or planting/defusing a bomb. The first team to achieve six round victories takes the game.

Black Ops Cold War Launch

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to go. However, for Redditor Z5_Nog this was not the case. Instead of the game ending, it continued progressing – allowing the enemy team to continue playing. You can see the screenshot below, where the enemy team scores a fifth win, while the posters team clearly has six wins already.

In this poster’s case, this actually worked to the benefit of the enemy team, who dodged a defeat in favor of a draw when the game hit 6-6. It’s unknown if the original poster would have won the game had they achieved a seventh victory.

While uncommon to the masses, it does seem some Redditors in the comments also experienced this issue, with one stating “It’s a glitch. I’ve had this happen while running Search with a 6-man party, none of whom are hackers, and we benefitted from it.”

We haven’t run into this issue ourselves, but we expect more players to encounter this strange bug in the coming weeks. Hopefully this particular bug doesn’t become a bigger issue before it’s patched in a future update.

Image Credits: Activision/Treyarch