New Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer gives detailed look at Specialists in action

Boris in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield fans have been desperate to see more 2042 gameplay, and DICE has now given us a first-person look at the upcoming Specialists and their abilities.

Rather than the traditional class system, Battlefield 2042 has introduced Specialists. These No-Pat soldiers deviate from the four main classes fans are used to, possessing their own unique traits and gadgets while using any weapon of their choosing.

There will be 10 Specialists at launch, and DICE has now revealed the first five. In an action-packed gameplay trailer released on September 3, we got a first-person look at the first four Specialists released in action.

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Battlefield 2042 Specialists gameplay trailer

In this trailer, we see Battlefield 2042 Specialists Mackay, Falck, Boris, and Casper in-game. Not only that, but we get a closer look at the maps, vehicles, and gunplay. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this build of the game is still in development, so the textures and user interface may not resemble the final look.

Here’s a breakdown of everything you saw in the Battlefield 2042 Specialists trailer.

Mackay gameplay

Webster Mackay using grapple gun in battlefield 2042

First up is Mackay, where we saw him use his Grappling Hook to scale a building and catch an enemy unawares for a brutal takedown.

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Then, we saw his Nimble trait in action. This greatly improves his movement speed while aiming down the sight and ziplining. Expect him to be a menace to track while fighting at close range.

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Falck gameplay

Maria Falck in battlefield 2042

Next, we see Falck who will act as the medic in her squad. In the midst of battle, one of her squadmates cried out for first aid. Although several meters away and suppressed, she used her S21 Syrette Pistol to quickly restore them to full health. Then, she used the Pistol to quickly heal herself.

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The defibrillators also made a return as she revived a teammate to full health with her Combat Surgeon Trait.

Boris gameplay

Boris riding tank in Battlefield 2042

Boris brought the heavy guns to the Battlefield 2042 Specialists trailer, deploying the SG-36 Sentry System to tear through the enemies. After flanking a couple of foes, he deployed the Sentry which instantly pinged and locked on to them.

And when Boris goes near his Sentry Gun, his Sentry Operator Trait boosts its effectiveness.

Casper gameplay

Casper sniping in Battlefield 2042

Sniping has always been a major part of Battlefield, and Casper’s gameplay allowed us to see it in action. First, we saw him get an overview of the Battlefield using his OV-P Recon Drone.

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Then after hitting a snipe, his Movement Sensor Trait alerted him to an enemy sneaking up. With that knowledge, he turned on the enemy to land a clean revolver headshot.

These are only snippets of what Battlefield 2042 has in store for us, with players getting their hands on the Beta later in September. DICE will also reveal more and more Specialists in the lead-up to its October 22 launch.

Image Credit: DICE / EA