Every secret buff & nerf in Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 patch

Liam Mackay
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While Battlefield 2042’s Update 3.3 introduced a redesigned Scoreboard, a free cosmetic pack, and brought Hazard Zone bug fixes. However, the community feels that DICE brought some secret buffs and nerfs with the update as well.

It’s no secret that the Battlefield community was extremely disappointed with 2042’s release, slamming almost every aspect of the game. Even though EA reportedly blamed Halo Infinite’s smooth launch for its woes, DICE have been hard at work trying to make Battlefield 2042 into the game it should’ve been.

Players were disappointed with the lack of changes in the highly-anticipated 3.3 Update, but it appears DICE made more changes than they let on. Content creators and members of the community have discovered some secret buffs and nerfs in March 8’s 3.3 update.

Battlefield 2042 hourglass map

Stealth changes in Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3

Battlefield YouTuber Silk has compiled all of the changes players have discovered since the update. None of these stealth changes are confirmed, but they’ve been noticed by Battlefield 2042 content creators and players alike.

Here’s every buff, nerf, and change spotted in Battlefield 2042’s Update 3.3:

  • MD540 Nightbird Minigun audio changed
  • MD540 Nightbird Minigun buffed
  • MD540 Nightbird rockets nerfed
  • Jets 30mm Cannon buffed, with spread reverted back to how it was at release
  • Fall damage decreased
  • PC performance on lower end hardware increased
  • Fire rate increase for AK-24’s Drum Mag

As well as Battlefield 2042’s Nightbird’s Minigun audio changing and introducing an audio loop bug, Silk explained that “Spread on the miniguns is definitely better, and the rockets do less damage” when the player is at the edge of its splash radius. “They still feel very effective when you’re getting near-direct hits, but you can’t aim them as lazily as before,” he revealed.

Battlefield 2042 players in Hourglass map

Silk said that he believes that the 30mm Cannon’s previous stealth nerf has been reverted, with jets now being much more accurate when raining bullets on infantry below. Also, a decrease in fall damage is “pretty much unofficially confirmed,” as both he and other streamers have noticed it.

The final two changes Silk mentioned are less concrete than the others. Silk hasn’t noticed them himself but knows other players who have. Players with lower-end hardware have reported that the game feels much more stable than it did previously, but Silk said his “PC is still being massively underutilized.”

The final change is that the AK-24’s Drum Mag will now increase the weapon’s fire rate. Silk couldn’t feel a difference, but another content creator, Ender, as well as members of the community have felt the change.

Silk is convinced that DICE made stealth changes in Battlefield 2042’s Update 3.3, saying it “Definitely wouldn’t be the first time and I don’t think it’ll be the last.”

The next major update is scheduled for early April, and will “include a larger set of changes and fixes, as well as the introduction of VOIP functionality for Squads,” as well as weapon balance tweaks.

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Image Credit: DICE / EA

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