Is Battlefield Mobile going to have crossplay?

battlefield mobile crossplay

Battlefield Mobile is set to enter the handheld shooter market, but will EA’s potential behemoth have any form of crossplay enabled?

A few years ago the notion of crossplay was almost non-existent in the gaming world, but slowly and surely, the major platforms have all come together to provide it to the biggest names. Now, gamers worldwide are enjoying teaming up or playing against friends on different platforms.

Battlefield Mobile is set to be a huge competitor to CoD Mobile and the upcoming Apex port, so it’s imperative as many people play it as possible. So let’s find out if Battlefield Mobile is going to have crossplay or not.

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Will Battlefield Mobile feature console & PC crossplay?

battlefield mobile play charging down an alley

In the words of EA from the official FAQ they did regarding Battlefield Mobile’s status: “Because Battlefield Mobile is being built especially for mobile, it won’t feature cross-play with any console or PC versions of Battlefield.”

This news probably won’t come as a shock to many as CoD Mobile is in a similar boat in that it isn’t compatible with console and PC. The simple reason is that those versions have engines and mechanics based on the power of modern-day consoles.

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As sophisticated as smartphones are, they are still no match for the power of a PS5 or custom PC rig.

Will Battlefield Mobile feature Android and iOS crossplay?

battlefield mobile player looking at a tank

Based on the previous answer given by EA, we’d have to say that it will most likely support crossplay against other phones. Battlefield 2042 supports crossplay between Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

So players with iPhones, Samsungs, and more should be able to compete against each other in huge games of conquest on Battlefield Mobile.

Battlefield Mobile should be an exciting addition to both the staggering collection of EA titles and also to the mobile phone gaming market.

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For more details on its bigger brother, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all the latest news on Battlefield 2042.

Image Credit: EA / DICE