Battlefield 2042 will not have a Rental Server Program

Joseph Pascoulis
Battlefield 2042 rental server program

News has come out surrounding a Rental Server Program in Battlefield 2042, which some fans may be disappointed with.

Battlefield 2042 is just around the corner, with players hyped about the game’s release, especially after new details surrounding the upcoming modes like Battlefield Portal.

Some new information has come out regarding the Rental Server Program, which players might not be too happy with, as it seems the devs might scrap it for Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Rental Server Program

Battlefield 2042 Rental Server Program

The Rental Server Program allowed players to set up their own public and private servers, allowing them to change various things.

To name some of the settings players could change around and play with:

  • Player Count
  • Ticket count
  • Bullet damage
  • Game modes
  • Weapons
  • Map Rotations
  • Kill Cam
  • Minimap
  • Minimap Spotting
  • Friendly Fire
  • Regenerative Health
  • 3D Spotting
  • Nametag visibility
  • Fog
  • Unlimited Magazines
  • Lenient Latency
  • Ping Cap Setting:  Latency Lock

This was great for those who wanted to set up matches with friends or the community, allowing customization and an experience that the standard online couldn’t provide.

The @bravoINTEL Twitter account reported the news that Battlefield 2042 will not have this system at launch but will evaluate the need for it “post-launch.”

Some are claiming that the reason for this is because of the Portal mode being introduced.

The Portal mode will allow players to use classic weapons, maps, and vehicles and customize the core gameplay mechanics such as bullet velocity and team sizes.

Battlefield 2042 Rental Service Programe

Of course, Portal also allows for private matches and servers for people to invite friends and the community for tournaments or just casual fun games, creating unique modes or maybe recreating modes like Battle Royale.

Whatever the case is, it is confirmed that the Rental Server Program will not be available at launch.

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Image Credits: DICE