Battlefield 2042 weapons list: ARs, SMGs, LMGs & more

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There will be a wide assortment of different weapons to test out when Battlefield 2042 finally arrives, so here’s a breakdown of every known gun in the upcoming shooter title.

Battlefield 2042 has a ton of hype around its release, as fans have been looking through all the available game footage to see what new additions it will bring. So far, the developers haven’t said much about the Battlefield 2042 weapons.

Gameplay trailers and leaked gameplay footage have given fans some idea of the Battlefield 2042 weapons that will be available in the highly-anticipated game. This guide will go over every known weapon that will arrive either with the game’s release or as post-launch content.

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Battlefield 2042 weapons list

Battlefield 2042 Weapons

DICE has yet to give us any proper confirmation regarding the weapons that will be in Battlefield 2042, but many of them have been spotted by the community in trailers and footage.

Since the game is set in the year 2042, we’ll see a few futuristic variants of modern weapons, like the modified AK24 from the trailer.

Here are all the Battlefield 2042 weapons that have been confirmed so far, according to a report by Dexerto:

Assault Rifles

  • M5A3 (MCX Spear)
  • AK24 (AK12)
  • 4v9 (DDM4V7)
  • SCAR-H


  • PKP Pecheneg


  • G57 (Glock 19)
  • M44 (Taurus M44)


  • Carl Gustaf M4
  • FN40GL

Marksman Rifles

  • Chukavin SVCh
  • DSR-1
  • TG-24 (Sako TRG)


  • Remington 870


  • PBX-9 (LWRC SMG 45)
  • K30 (KRISS Vector)

Battlefield 2042 Attachments Plus System

Battlefield 2042 weapons attachment plus system

The Plus System in Battlefield 2042 will let you open up a menu of available attachments so that you can change them in the midst of combat. This is particularly useful when you switch from short-range to long-range combat.

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This system shares similarities with the one in Battlefield 4 and will provide you with freedom of customization with your weapon. Now, you’ll be able to prepare for different combat situations on a dime.

Battlefield 2042 post-launch weapons

There will be plenty of Battlefield 2042 weapons to choose from at launch, and we’ll see even more arrive as DLC. Battlefield Portal will turn back the clock and bring a ton of guns from 1942, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and 2042.

DICE will also add many other pieces of content like maps and cosmetics as part of the game’s seasonal format. You’ll get to try out the game after its October release date, but you can also get early access by subscribing to EA Play.

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Image credits: DICE