Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer features Rendezook clip and fans are loving it

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Battlefield 2042 Rendezook

The Rendezook maneuver is a classic technique from Battlefields 3 and 4. Fans are extremely hyped to see the fan-favorite technique make its way into the official reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042, as the Battlefield 2042 Rendezook looks to have helped provide a huge boost of excitement for the community.

The Battlefield community is known for pulling off insane stunts when battling it against each other in the popular first-person shooter franchise.

One of the most popular stunts that players have grown to love is the Rendezook which rose to fame in Battlefield 3 and 4. This maneuver consist of a player jumping out of their fighter jet and destroying an enemy jet with a missile launcher while flying in the air. You then complete the extraordinary stunt by jumping back into the cockpit of your jet in an impressive fashion.

The popularity of this stunt is why so many members of the Battlefield community had their jaws drop open when the Official Reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042 showed a clip featuring this insane technique in all of its glory, much too the delight of players.

Battlefield 2042 Rendezook

Battlefield 2042 Rendezook

The official reveal trailer for the newest entry in the franchise showed off various scenes of dramatic and exciting battles that players will have while also showing off new Multiplayer features like the Specialist characters you will control.

However, it is easy to say which scene in the reveal trailer stole the show, as one clip begins with a pilot in a fighter jet being chased by an enemy jet.

The pilot ejects out of his jet and performs the first Battlefield 2042 Rendezook as he pulls out his missile launcher and fires it at the enemy jet.

After destroying the enemy jet in this Battlefield 2042 Rendezook, the pilot completes the stunt by falling back into his cockpit in a stunt.

The featuring of the Battlefield 2042 Rendezook had plenty of fans throwing their hands up in excitement and has no doubt shown that EA and Dice are looking to use their community and its exploits as a main inspiration for the upcoming entry in the series.

There is plenty of new information now being released following the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer release, so be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the new game and stay tuned to Charlie INTEL and @bravoINTEL for future news and updates.

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