Battlefield 2042 fans call for change to unsilenced weapon map pings

Battlefield 2042 plus system

Some Battlefield 2042 players are asking the developers to implement a major change to the map ping feature that alerts enemies of their location whenever they fire an unsilenced weapon.

Battlefield 2042’s release is approaching fast, and we’ve seen almost everything that the game has to offer, including the Specialistsmaps, and modes. The developers have also implemented some pre-launch fixes.

However, players aren’t particularly fond of one specific gameplay mechanic that lets the enemy know their current location after firing unsilenced weapons. Now, a few fans are asking the devs to change the unsilenced weapon map pings.

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Player using riot shield in battlefield 2042 hazard zone

In Battlefield 2042, whenever you fire an unsilenced weapon, your current location is marked on the minimap almost immediately, and this can alert nearby enemies of your presence.

Reddit user HaloHops highlighted this feature in the Battlefield 2042 subreddit. The player stated they dislike this feature because it makes it too difficult to successfully flank your enemies.

They made it clear that while you could get a handful of kills while flanking or coming from off angles in the open beta, one or two players using their minimap would make flanking useless.

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“Battlefield V and BF1 were very fun to play infantry in because this wasn’t a thing. You could actually make flanks and try to Superman a point with some level of success because shooting didn’t immediately mark you on the map in real-time.”

Many of the commenters agreed that having to constantly check your minimap can be frustrating, especially considering the fact that you can’t equip a silencer on various weapons.

However, one user pointed out that the new Plus system in Battlefield 2042 will help alleviate this problem by letting you swap your suppressor whenever you want in the middle of combat.

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A few other commenters suggested that the developers let players attach silencers to more weapons in the game. This would greatly reduce the chances of enemies spotting you on the minimap when you fire a weapon.

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Image Credit: DICE / EA

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