Fan-favorite maps confirmed for leaked Battlefield 2042 Battlehub game mode

Andrew Highton
player dropping into battlefield 2042

EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2042’s REDACTED mode – rumored to be called Battlehub – will feature remastered, fan-favorite maps – indicating that Tom Henderson’s leak could be accurate.

The big reveal of Battlefield 2042 came with a hot trailer, some scintillating gameplay, and additional details on what fans can expect to see in the game. But not everything is out in the open just yet, with EA and DICE being very coy over one of the game’s modes.

Listed as [REDACTED] on the official Battlefield 2042 website, the mode is being kept very hush-hush for the time being. However, leaker Tom Henderson initially pulled back the curtain with details on the potential mode, and now it seems like EA and DICE have confirmed some of this to be true.

information on battlefield 2042's unrevealed REDACTED game mode

Henderson’s leaks and snippets of pre-reveal BF2042 information turned out to be true, with him showing hand-drawn concept art for the combat robot dogs, and saying that Battlefield 2042 wouldn’t have a campaign at launch.

In reference to the new Battlehub mode, Tom had said, “Battlefield Hub is going to be the ultimate sandbox experience, and is going to be the fun game mode when it comes to Battlefield 2042.”

Now, in an EA Play 2021 discussion interview, Ripple Effect Studios General Manager Christian Grass discussed the REDACTED mode saying: “one of the components of this experience that we’re creating is that we’re adding some of the fan-favorite maps back into Battlefield 2042. But the entire experience you’ll have to wait a bit longer before we reveal what that is.”

Tom Henderson’s original description of the mode sounded like a mix-and-match of many different previous Battlefield games and eras all meshed into one super-duper game mode.

He said it’s unlikely to be very balanced, but it is going to “contain remasters of old maps from old Battlefield titles.” They will still run on the 2042 engine, and in addition to this, he says that “Specialists will also be moving over to the Battlefield Hub.”

Tom has since confirmed the maps that are expected to feature in the new Battlefield 2042 Battlehub mode:

  • Metro
  • Locker
  • Wake Island
  • Siege of Shanghai
  • Arica Harbor
  • Caspian Border

He also said: “And just to add – I’m not sure if #BATTLEHUB is the name or not.”

Some maps will be able to support 128-players for the new Battlefield Hub game mode, whereas some will only be able to support 64-players. Henderson said the difference varies based on the size of the map, and which platform it’s played on: “This to me confirms as well that this Battlefield Hub will be coming on both past and current-gen consoles.”

Players will seemingly have the option of choosing which content they want to install on their console à la Call of Duty, as it won’t be necessary to have both Hazard Zone and Battlefield Hub if players dislike one of the modes, for instance.

A final key detail that Henderson points out is the game mode “will be updated with the Battle Pass Seasons that will also be coming to 2042, so I’m guessing that new weapons, new vehicles, new maps will be coming to the Battlefield Hub, from previous games, every time the season changes.”

Henderson does make it clear at the start of the video to take all this information with a “big pile of salt,” and that’s because he’s “tried to cross-check this information with as many different people as possible, people who’ve provided with me with information and stuff in the past, and even they have flat-out refused to comment on this, or do not know what this game mode is.”

The REDACTED mode is expected to be unveiled at the Official EA Play event on July 22, and we should have a clearer idea of what the mode will be after it.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

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