Having this Baldur’s Gate 3 character in your camp can save your companions

Emily Stander
Yenna in Baldur's Gate 3

You first meet Yenna in Baldur’s Gate 3 when you enter Rivington, and even though you can’t help her just yet, you can invite her to your camp. Plus, there’s a very good reason why you should. 

Yenna’s mother is missing in Baldur’s Gate 3, and when you first meet her, there’s not much you can do besides offer her some food, money, or just walk away (for the evil among us). Regardless, when you go to camp later, she will be there and ask if she can stay. 

At this point in the game, your camp may be getting a bit full with followers. But don’t turn Yenna away when she asks – she can become a handy companion for storing items and, surprisingly, fighting off Orin. 

Firstly, as one player discovered and shared on Reddit, Yenna appears on the list of characters you can send items to when your inventory is too full.

This can become handy, especially in the late game, because you start picking up a lot of really strong gear that you may not want to get rid of. Yenna acts as a sort of second stash where you can keep your gear, while still using your camp stash for food. 

This takes away an issue I have experienced – which is basically losing where I put that amazing piece of gear, or rather, who I gave it to, or scrolling endlessly through the camp stash to find it.

Aside from that, you can also equip Yenna with weapons and armor. You can put items on her that increase her Strength (further increasing her carry capacity), but she also turns into a completely overpowered little girl that can fight off Orin. 

According to some Baldur’s Gate 3 players, she actually does if Orin tries to kidnap her. “If you do all of that she actually kills Orin in the kidnapping attempt,” one player commented. 

This is unconfirmed, though, but it would be an amazing way to fend off the Daughter of Bhaal. On the more evil side of things, if Yenna is in your camp and Lae’zel, Gale, Halsin or Minthara aren’t, she will get kidnapped instead of them. 

As such, she becomes an easier substitute for the kidnapping storyline, and you won’t be in danger of losing one of your companions. 

Beware, though, that if Yenna gets kidnapped, then her cat Grub meets an incredibly grisly end. Nonetheless, even though you can’t help the girl, she can certainly help you. So, make sure she stays in your camp – and give her some armor and weapons for protection next time.

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