Baldur’s Gate 3 player finds rare cutscene where you teach Shovel to be a dragon

Emily Stander
Shovel the Quasit in Baldur's Gate 3

There are various creatures in Baldur’s Gate 3 that you can add to your party, and Shovel the Quasit is one of them. While Shovel is one of the best familiars in the game, one player found a rare cutscene where you can teach her how to be a dragon. 

To summon Shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3, players need to locate a special scroll in the Blighted Village. When Shovel is summoned, she can turn invisible and frighten enemies, making her a useful companion to have in combat. 

More than that, she is also a cheeky character to have around. When you speak with her, she has a sarcastic and bold demeanor that makes her fit right into the party.

Reddit user ‘GhostlyPreserves’ also discovered that you can teach her to be a Dragon, technically. In a post on Reddit, they said, “I had my Draconic Bloodline sorcerer Tav speak to her and she noticed that I smelt like a dragon!”

“I rolled Deception to convince her that I was actually a dragon in disguise, and she got so excited. She begged me to teach her how to be a dragon,” they continued. 

If you succeed in your Deception roll, Shovel will stretch her arms out wide and flap them as instructed. Once she has done so, she truly does believe that she is a Dragon. 

Another Baldur’s Gate 3 player in the comments shared a different way that you could achieve this. “Alternatively you can disguise yourself as a Dragonborn in case you aren’t one. That works too. It makes even more sense if you think about it,” they explained. 

Fans were delighted at this special scene with Shovel, especially because she is one of the few summonable familiars who has a real presence in the game. Overall, players shared their love for the strange familiar and enjoyed that the OP shared their discovery. 

“I love her! I had her with me throughout the whole game. She was there to help defeat every boss including the Absolute. HERE COMES THE FISTING!” one player shared. 

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