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Arknights tier list: Best Operators from every class in 2023

This Arknights tier list will help you learn about the best Operators in the game and build the strongest team possible.



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Making a team of Operators in Arknights is one of the most important in-game decisions. If you have any doubts regarding team-building, you can refer to this Arknights tier list that reveals the best Operators from every class in 2023.

Arknights incorporates a ton of elements like combat, house-building, tower defense, and storytelling. However, the main plot is to save Rhodes Island by recruiting Operators and there are more than 100 Operators to choose from.

Like Mythic Heroes, Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Seven Knights 2, Arknights is famous for its diverse cast of Operators.

Every Operator in Arknights belongs to one of the eight classes that we’ll talk about below. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses due to which team-building can be one of the most confusing tasks in the game.

Here’s our Arknights tier list for you to know about the best Operators from every class.

Three Arknights character

List of Operator classes in Arknights

These are the eight Operator classes in Arknights:

  • Caster
  • Defender
  • Guard
  • Medic
  • Sniper
  • Specialist
  • Supporter
  • Vanguard

Best Caster Operators in Arknights

We recommend using the Operators placed in the A and B tiers of the charts below for the best results in Arknights. However, do not hesitate to try out the remaining operators if they suit your playstyle better.

Casters in Arknights primarily deal ranged Arts damage and they generally have high attack, low DEF, and low HP. These are the best Operators from this class in the game:

TierArknights Operators
AEyjafjall, Dusk, Ceobe, Mostima, Corroserum, Carnelian, Click
BAmiya, Lava the Purgatory, Haze, Leizi, Gitano, Iris, Mint, Ifrit
CPassenger, Skyfire, Greyy, 12F, Leonhardt, Steward
DAbsinthe, Durin, Lava, Beeswax, Nightmare, Tomimi

Best Defender Operators in Arknights

Defenders in Arknights

Defender Operators in Arknights are tanky melee units who can block 2-3 enemies unless they’re a Duelist Defender who can only block one. This class naturally has low ATK, and these are the best Operators belonging to it:

TierArknights Operators
ASaria, Nian, Hoshiguma, Eunectes, Liskarm, Croissant
BAshlock, Nearl, Bison, Mudrock, Hung Asbestos, Blitz, Cuora, , Blemishine
CNoir Corne, Bubble, Dur-Nar, Heavyrain, Vulcan
DMatterhorn, Beagle, Cardigan, Spot, Gummy

Best Guard Operators in Arknights

Guard Operators in Arknights are tanky like Defenders but instead of high DEF, they have high ATK. These are the best Operators belonging to the Guard class in the game:

TierArknights Operator
ALa Pluma, Mountain, Blaze, SilverAsh, Lappland, Skadi, Specter, Hellagur
BThorns, Tequila, Ch’en, Amiya (Guard), Astesia, Broca, Cutter, Flamebringer, Flint, Franka, Indra, Savage, Frostleaf, Melantha, Surtr
CTachanka, Sideroca, Mousse, Jackie, Matoimaru, Ayerscape, ‘k, Popukar, Estelle, Utage, Whislash, Arene, Pallas, Akafuyu
DSwire, Midnight, Dobermann, Conviction, Castle-3, Beehunter

Best Medic Operators in Arknights

Medics in Arknights

Medics in Arknights only have one purpose which is to heal other units. This explains why they have a low attack, HP, and defense but are still so useful in combat.

These are the best Medics in Arknights:

TierArknights Operator
AKal’tsit, Whisperain, Shining, Warfarin
BBreeze, Silence, Purestream, Tuye, Sussurro, Ptilopsis
CMulberry, Hibiscus, Myrrh, Perfumer, Ceylon, Nightingale
D Gavial, Ansel, Lancet-2, Folinic

Best Sniper Operators in Arknights

Snipers are brilliant attackers but their remaining stats in Arknights are either low or average. If you want to engage in ranged combat, these are the best Sniper Operators in the game:

TierArknights Operator
ARosa, Archetto, Ash, Fiammetta, Exusial
BPinecone, Schwarz, Andreana, Aciddrop, Blue Poison, Platinum, Provence
CAmbriel, Meteorite, Toddifons, GreyThroat, Firewatch, Aosta, Executor, Fartooth, W, Rosmontis, Sesa, Rangers
DCatapult, Kroos, Jessica, Shirayuki, Vermeil, Meteor, Adnachiel,

Best Specialist Operators in Arknights

From crowd-controlling to debuffing opponents, Specialist Operators in Arknights have several important roles in a team. Despite their low damage output, you can use these Specialist Operators in the game:

TierArknights Operator
AWeedy, Aak, Projekt Red, Jaye, Gladiia
BRobin, Kafka, Ethan, Mr. Nothing, Phantom
CFrost, Rope, Snowsant, Kirara, Waai Fu, Cliffheart, Gravel
DShaw, THRM-EX, FEater, Manticore, Mizuki

Best Supporter Operators in Arknights

Roberta and Silence from Arknights

Supporter Operators in Arknights are versatile units that can provide your team with offense or defense depending on the situation. These are the best Supporters in the game:

TierArknights Operator
AScene, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Angelina, Glaucus
BPramanix, Istina, Sora, Roberta, Shamare
CEarthspirit, Deepcolor, Podenco, Suzuran, Magallan
DOrchid, Tsukinogi, Mayer

Best Vanguard Operators in Arknights

Vanguard Operators in Arknights have moderate stats but they stand out because of the additional DP generation they grant. Basically, they help you deploy more team members.

These are the best Vanguard Operators that deserve to be on your team:

TierArknights Operator
ABagpipe, Flametail, Elysium, Reed
BSiege, Saga, Vigna, Zima, Myrtle, Saileach
CBeanstalk, Plume, Fang, Grani, Vanilla
DChiave, Courier, Scavenger, Texas, Yato

This was everything to know about the best Operators in Arknights. For similar content, you can check out our tier lists for Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, Hero Wars, and Punishing Gray Raven.

Image Credits: Yostar Limited